Sep 23 2013

5 ways parents are making the Tooth Fairy even more fun

1. Keeping an official record of the Tooth Fairy

For the more official children of the world, simply placing a tooth under their pillow will not cut it. They need a log of which teeth have been lost! And an envelope to deliver the tooth to the fairy herself would help, too.

That’s where the Official Tooth Fairy Kit ($16) comes in handy. It comes with a certificate of record where a child can fill out their name, age, tooth lost, method of extraction and compensation method. It’s all very official.

The kit can be purchased here:


2. Sending a tiny thank you from the Tooth Fairy

Here’s a cute way to give your kids a message from the Tooth Fairy: a custom tiny letter! This lets you customize so if you want the Tooth Fairy to remind your kids about anything (like brushing their teeth, or doing their chores!), it’s a fun little way to make the Tooth Fairy process even more fun.


3. Leaving some gifts your kids’ teeth will appreciate!

As a dentist, it’s kind of our job to mention that one of the ways you can help make the Tooth Fairy more important is by not only leaving money for your children, but also stuff that can help keep their teeth healthy!

Toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss… all of these items would be a great addition to the money the Tooth Fairy leaves under the pillow… and very useful!


4. Giving the Tooth Fairy easy access with a custom made door

This mom got inspired by Pinterest and decided to take on a DIY project that created a door for the Tooth Fairy to enter and leave her daughter’s bedroom. I wonder if the Tooth Fairy ended up leaving more cash since they made it easier on her?!


5. New tooth delivery system

This has got to be the coolest one—this dad created an entire system so his kids can literally send their teeth to the tooth fairy through a series of tubes (using an iPhone for a remote). The tooth fairy then sends money back to the kids through the same tubes. Check out the video here, plus see how he made it.


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