Mtn. View Dentistry is one of the first dental offices in California to offer a custom nutrition program.

Dr. Schechter believes that good dental health is an indicator of your body’s overall health. Mountain View Dentistry offers a Custom Nutrition Program to help make sure your nutrition leads to a beautiful smile and a healthy body.

We are one of the first dental offices in California to offer customized nutritional supplementation based on scientific testing. By having patients take a custom nutrition test, we can see if any problems exist, and help you fix them using vitamins and minerals.

Is nutrition necessary for good dental health?

Everyone knows the importance of proper brushing, flossing and rinsing for the preservation of our teeth. But what many people don’t know is that what we eat can have a big effect on your dental health, too.

Poor nutrition affects the entire immune system; thus, our bodily nutrition affects how our teeth and gums will be able to resist and reduce the growth of the bacteria in our mouths. Although periodontal disease is not caused directly by poor nutrition, it progresses faster and it is more severe in patients whose diet lacks adequate nutrients.

Dental decay results when the bacteria in our mouth produce acids and other chemicals that break down the teeth and other hard tissues of the mouth. Certain foods and food combinations will lead to an increase in the levels of cavity-causing and disease-causing bacteria in our mouths. Even proper dental hygiene is not enough to regulate these bacteria!

Dr. Schechter is also super nice and very proactive in making sure the patients are very well informed about maintaining top-notch oral health. I recommend this place to all my friends!

Call us at (818) 880-4023 to learn more about our Custom Nutrition Program, and get started with your own nutrition test.

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Excellent service as usual. We have been patients of Dr. Schechter for at least 10 years. We have never had a bad experience. The office and dental staff are amazing. they are knowledgeable, friendly, timely and care about each patient.

Office is professional, staff is incredibly kind and Dr. Schechter has the patience of a saint! Would highly recommend.

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