Jul 23 2013

Dental apps—the helpful, the fun and the downright silly

It seems like just about everyone has a smart phone or a tablet these days. So how can that help you take care of your teeth? Let’s take a look at some apps you can find in the “App Store” that help you with your dental hygiene.

Cost: Free

If you’re a fan of WebMD, you’ll love this app. It lets you type in a range of different symptoms (including bad breath, crooked teeth and temperature sensitivity), and will tell you what may be ailing you.

But it doesn’t stop there. The app also includes a helpful “Find a Dentist” tool that uses your current location to show you dentist options nearby. The map display is clean and easy to use.

Other features include a glossary of dental related terms, and several diagrams of a mouth and a tooth.

The Verdict?
Limited functionality, but not bad for an app that costs you nothing.


Ed Meets the Dentist
Cost: $1.99

If you’ve got a little one who might be scared to go to the dentist, this app will help them become familiar with the process of a routine checkup, including cleaning their teeth, getting x-rays and more.

A cute, friendly cartoon rabbit named Ed is your guide along the way as you go through the various parts of a check-up, and interact with the app.

The Verdict?
The reviews are great, and if you have a child who is wary of a dentist visit, seems like it might be worth the $1.99.


Dental Expert
Cost: Free

If you’re looking for cold, hard facts about your teeth and dentistry in general, this app is for you. It features answers to frequently asked dental questions from top dental experts.

The app is separated into different subjects including “Oral Surgery,” “Nutrition and Diet” and “Keeping Costs Down.” While it does provide some interesting and valuable information, once you are in a category there is no way to search for a specific topic.

Real dental experts should probably steer clear, since it’s really intended to be more of a tool for patients or people who are curious about basic dental knowledge. But for someone who just wants to learn fun facts like “Women smile about 62 times a day compared to men who smile eight times a day on average,” this app is for you.

The Verdict?
The design isn’t too pretty to look at, but if you’re looking for information, you’ll definitely find some here.


Monster Mouth DDS
Cost: Free

This app is more on the silly side, letting you be a “dentist for monsters.” Yes, you read that right. Monsters!

Although it does not provide any real facts about dentistry, it is kind of fun to play! In each round, you have a new monster to work on, and have to use your tool kit to complete a task list before your monster gets too cranky.

Using a toothbrush to clean plaque, bombs to blow open cracked teeth, and tongs to pull out creepy cavities, you can make your way past 10 different monster patients.

The Verdict?
The graphics are fun, but when we’re wasting time with an app, we prefer word games.



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