Dental Extractions in Astoria, Queens

We have an oral surgeon who performs dental extractions and wisdom tooth extractions. 

What we do
We provide comprehensive dental treatment, including extraction and tooth replacement for patients in Astoria, NY and Queens, NY

There are a few different situations that make dental extraction necessary. For example, one or more teeth may need to be extracted, due to infection, to make room for new teeth to come in, and as part of treatment for the orthodontic correction. The procedure may be performed by your regular dentist or an oral surgeon.


The root of each tooth is encased in a socket in the jawbone, which is held in place by a ligament. When extracting a tooth, the dentist begins by expanding the socket and separating the tooth from the ligament. The process doesn’t take long, and we offer nitrous oxide for our patients if needed. Once the tooth has been removed, tooth replacement is important to keep the teeth from shifting and causing problems with speech and eating. The dentist will explain your options.


Wisdom Teeth

For most people, wisdom teeth come out during their late teens or early twenties. In some situations, the teeth come out straight and do not need to be removed. However, when the teeth have trouble coming out, they may cause crowding in the mouth, which can lead to pain, tooth decay, or infection. If the wisdom teeth tilt towards the front tooth, they won’t erupt. These are known as impacted wisdom teeth and will need to be removed.


When the wisdom teeth become impacted, it is essential to remove them, or jaw or nerve damage could result. Removing the teeth resolves current problems and prevents future pain. The level of pain and recovery time depends on how badly the teeth are impacted, age and overall health. Most patients experience some minor discomfort and patients are limited to a soft diet during recovery.


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Experts recommend that wisdom teeth are evaluated early, usually during the mid-teen years. Early treatment can not only resolve any current problems, but can also prevent serious issues that may develop in the future.



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