Aug 22 2013

Oral Health News Recap

There has been a whole lot of interesting tooth news lately, so we wanted to share some of the more interesting info we’ve read about. So here’s a quick roundup of dental news:

1. One researcher has found that drinking bottled water instead of fluoride treated tap water contributes to higher tooth decay in children. (via The Telegraph)

2. Scientists have started using stem cells found in urine to create teeth! (via ABC News)

3. A dentist is trying to use DNA from one of John Lennon’s teeth to try to clone one of rock’s greatest stars. (via cnews)

November 8, 1963

4. A “smart tooth” device is being created that can track your oral habits, such as what you eat, drink, smoke and even chew. (via NY Daily News)

5. Good news for foodies—eating cheese can be good for your oral health!  (via CBS News)


6. New research has suggested a link between losing teeth and losing memories. (via NHS)

7. Daily brushing and flossing can help cut your risk of developing Alzheimer’s. (via Yahoo Health)


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