Nov 15 2013

Toothpaste tricks that will simplify your life

Captain Toothpaste
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Toothpaste – we use it everyday on our teeth, but there are some other cool things you can do with that minty fresh product than just keep your teeth strong and white. Let’s take a look at some toothpaste tricks that will help make your life way easier!


1. Use toothpaste to help hang a photo

No, we don’t want you to try to glue your photos to the wall using only toothpaste; but you can use it to help you when you’re hanging art in your home. All you have to do is dab a bit of toothpaste onto the picture’s hanger on the back of your frame. Then eyeball where you want to hang the photo, and press the frame against the wall. The toothpaste will leave a mark, so you know where to place your nail for hanging! Cleanup’s easy, too. Just wipe off the toothpaste and hang your photo.


2. Erase watermarks from wooden furniture with white toothpaste

Even if we use coasters (or try to), sometimes a stray drink gets left on your wooden furniture. But thanks to toothpaste, you can get rid of those pesky water rings in no time. Here’s how: make sure you use a white toothpaste (no gels). Gently rub the toothpaste along the line of the stain until you see it start to lighten or disappear. That’s it! You’re done. One note of caution: make sure not scrub too hard or for too long—that could actually make it worse.


3. Make “toothpaste dots” for when you’re on the go

Here’s one way to avoid buying those tiny tubes of travel toothpaste: make your own portable toothpaste! This will only take a few minutes, and will give you an easy way to travel with toothpaste on hand. Just squeeze small, chocolate-chip sized dots of toothpaste (no gels!) onto aluminum foil and let them harden for a week or so. Then transfer the foil into a ziplock bag, toss a bit of baking soda in the bag to keep the dots from sticking, and bring along to wherever you may need toothpaste in a flash. To use the dots, just pop one in your mouth and chew for a few seconds before brushing.


4. Get food odor off of your hands

If you’ve ever worked with onions or garlic, you know that your hands may have certain smelliness afterwards. The good news is, this can be washed away pretty easily with the help of good old toothpaste. The same ingredients that help deodorize your mouth when you brush will work on your hands too. Just wash your hands with toothpaste, and they will smell better in no time!


5. Helping clear zits off of your face

You may have heard this one before, but if you cover pimples with a little bit of toothpaste at night before you jump into bed, and wash it off in the morning, it will help clear your face up. Applying toothpaste will dry out and (hopefully) shrink any blemishes on your beautiful face!
What’s your favorite new use for toothpaste? Tell us in the comments!

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